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Bass Fiddle

[Bass Fiddle]

1. Scottish version of bass violin (cello), usually used in the context of Scottish music

2. Referring to cello, not (usually) a Double Bass


Hello and welcome to the home of all things Scottish Bass Fiddle! The Scottish Bass Fiddle Society is a hub space created to celebrate the cello's long legacy within Scottish Traditional Music.


Connect with us via Instagram, and explore our amazing repertoire and history;

connect with other musicians and cellists, learn the basslines and accompaniment practices of our bass fiddle forerunners, and improve your general skills as a bass fiddler using our rich repertoire of solo Scottish repertoire.

We hope this space leads you to discovery in your own performing, composing, improvising and teaching.

Special thanks to our trailblazing cello goddess Natalie Haas, honorary patron of the Bass Fiddle Society!

And over to you; Help us fill the gaps in the story of the Bass Fiddle in Scottish music. We are at the start of information gathering and would encourage you to get in touch with any information, resources or research that you would like to share with the Bass Fiddle Society.

Find out about the legacy of the Bass Fiddle in Scotland

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Explore our collection of historical Scottish Music written for Bass Fiddle

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Connect with others, ask questions, share your finds 

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